I’m all for simplistic, beautiful touches. I like sentimental pieces and go natural where I can.
Of course this is what I wished for Mason’s nursery. I wanted it to be a place where he enjoyed being, where memories could be made and the focus would be on those special pieces. As time goes by I know his room with change, gosh it already has in ways during these past six months. I’m keen to stick with the basis of white and natural theme though and slowly add/adjust pieces as Masons personality shines and his interests become more noticeable.
I’m hoping that soon there will be more photos filling the space, especially at his eye level. His art work displayed and maybe a little reading corner present once the feeding chair is no longer needed.

For now let me take you on a journey of where Mason grows.

As you enter his room the first thing you see is the space filled with decor and sentimental pieces. This is really the main part of the room and I guess the stand out area. I knew I wanted the dresser to be clear on top and only be used for decor purposes. Buying a change table was our plan so this worked well for what I had in mind. The dresser is filled with his clothes, bibs, cloths and hats. It was purchased from The Warehouse.

As we had a DIY styled wedding we used beer crates for displaying decor. Having some left over I knew I wanted to do something with them again and thought using one as Masons book shelf would work well. I painted part of it white keeping in with the natural wood and white theme. I also used @thetreehutclub letter blocks to make the space a little more special.

I’m also pretty obsessed with ladder shelves so was very eager to use one to display some of Masons beautiful treasures, accessories, keepsakes on. It was also another open yet nice way to keep some of his toys. The ladder shelf is from KMART.

So, I think this is my favourite spot of all. For those of you who have been following our journey for a while now you will know how I have an obsession with foliage but also that Nathan chose to name Mason – baby Sprout in the womb. I loved this and we ran with it so of course foliage works so well with the white and natural theme I adore.

We can’t hang to much on the walls in our rental so I have had to be very cautious and thoughtful in regards to what I do put up. Theres so much I would love to do but that will have to wait for the purchase of our own home. I decided that a hanging shelf and a print would be simplistic but meaningful.
Stumbling across so many beautiful small businesses I purchased these items gradually focusing on the theme of Masons room and tying in the nickname we had given him. The birth print is from @firstmilestone, foliage hoop from @arch.and.co along with the wooden print hanger. The print was purchased from @pika_and_pookie, shoes are from @pretty.brave, teether ring from @teethytots and bunny rabbit from @littlehugsbabyboutique.

The zoo animals were used on top of our cake at our gender reveal afternoon tea. Purchased them from Toyworld. The plant is from Palmers and mountains from The Warehouse.

Storage options have also been a wee bit of a challenge in our house as we don’t have a lot of cupboards. Alongside this I didn’t want all of Masons stuff just hidden away, especially as he’s so little and not yet into everything (just you wait I bet you he will crawl tomorrow ha!) I love beautiful baskets and again along with the natural theme was determined to find cheap and simplistic ways to store the extra toys and things like shoes. Masons shoe collection, these are only some of the many he has… are stored in an old picnic basket that we found for our wedding decor. The different styled picnic basket by the heater is used for storing more colourful toys. I found it for a bargain at an opshop in Auckland.

Plants are also my fav when I’m not killing them and my dream is to have one of those big indoor plants eventually. This plant is just placed in a KMART  basket.

Although I ended up hardly being able to use the feeding chair for the first couple months, due to surgery. I have found this one comfortable and love that it came with a foot stool. Its now that I get to use it more when having quiet time in the day with Mason before his sleeps or if I do need to sit down in his room at all during the night. We purchased it from Farmers as well as the little side table. The blanket is from @ecosproutnz and the pillow is KMART.

Now comes the ladder shelf. Well this is just decor heaven at the moment and I know before long I am going to be having to bluetac everything down or change most of it out to cater to a moving baby. For now I will have enjoy it while it lasts!
Again this space I wanted to try and keep to the theme I was going with but definitely found it more challenging due to toys we were given plus other items I still liked that had other colour to them. I like colour don’t get me wrong but I really love natural and simplistic stuff as much as possible. Open-ended especially when it comes to toys.
Prints and photos to me are sentimental and bring a lot of meaning and special touch to a room so on the shelf I have placed a photo of us as a family, a foliage M print for Mason from @arch.and.co and a framed photo of Nathan and I celebrating in confetti from when we found out we were having a little boy.


Wooden toys are my fav, natural the most but even coloured. The threading bear is from @thetreehutclub and the ring stacker from @groveandwillow. I have only just started introducing these to Mason so I’m excited to see how he interacts with them.
Unfortunately I can’t remember which company I got the daddy’s little sidekick sign from as the company didn’t have a website.

My mum gifted us the ‘Make today amazing’ sign which actually lights up too. I needed something to keep Masons many dummy chains and teethers in as they are the main accessories in our house. I ended up purchasing this little woven basket from KMART. It tied in with the theme and wasn’t to big or bulky which I liked. Inside the basket you can see dummy chains from @chewchewtrain.co.nz and @maciandco plus pram pegs by @milaandbree and teether also from @chewchewtrain.co.nz.
Of course a rainbow had to be included. KMART does amazing wooden toys, I have bought a lot. See the trend here…..
I also purchased this teether and rattle from @chewchewtrain.co.nz and @maciandco.

Capturing all the special moments and milestones is a must for me and I try my best at it. At three weeks old we used an inkless kit for Masons hand and foot prints. We then edited all the smudges on photoshop and placed them into frames!
On the final shelf I have a beautiful little rabbit puzzle from @thetreehutclub as well as a bag full of beautiful wooden letter blocks. These are beautiful products and will used so much through Masons childhood. You can’t go wrong with investing in resources like this, as they are great quality and last.

Finally we have Masons keepsake box from @keepsnz. I 100% couldn’t wait to purchase one of these and fill it with those special moments and milestones. Currently we have it filled with documents from his birth, scan photos, hospital tags, confetti from our reveal and milestone cards. To think before long it will have his first tooth in it, first hair cut… the list just keeps on going!
Now to the final side of the room. Foliage focused again I have placed one of Masons first and special outfits on the wardrobe door so we can always remember how little he was.
We then have the space that’s used the most. The space thats not gathering dust and is Masons calm and safe place other then his mama and dada. His beautiful cot which is from Mocka. Of course as soon as I found this cot I fell in love cause of its simplicity and natural colours. I fell in love with his cot sheet from @miannandco and wanted to make that extra personal touch to his room by having his name on the wall. The gorgeous wooden name sign made from @lovefromseventeen.

I get so many comments about the mobile and it gives me a chuckle every time as I actually remembered I had found this photo hanger at Typo ages back. It was cheap only $10 and I had never had a chance to use it. Then I fell in love with the idea of using it for Masons room being able to hang whatever I wanted on it. Changing it whenever I wanted (not that I have even done that yet). The leaves are just from the garden which have dried. I like the idea of fresh more but I never remember to go out picking!

The change table has been the best as its a life saver storage wise, its from Kiwibaby.
The rose gold lamp was purchased from Bunnings.
The sheepskin is from The Warehouse.

I’m so happy I finally get to share Masons space with you all. I think he’s pretty stoked with his room too by the looks of it!
May these walls be filled with love, happiness, adventures and special memories.
Until next time,
S xx