Going to the big apple is something I never thought I would do. Travelling has never been my thing and as I have gotten older I believe my awareness of things has increased some of my fears more. Due to leave on Wednesday at 7:30pm I was nervous for the flight but excited to go on this honeymoon adventure with my soon to be husband. Those nerves were soon enhanced though. Imagine sitting in a work meeting on Monday afternoon and your co-worker casually laughing of the fact that I might get blown up if I go to New York in only two days time! 

Yes, that’s right. They decided to share with me the news that there had been two bombs within New York on Saturday… New York City, the city I was travelling to and spending time in for 6 days!! *insert immediate panic attack*

Long story short; I panicked, no one else did and I just had to move past it and suck it up. Tough but the truth and I knew it. Having an anxious mind is one thing I wish I could change about myself but hey, just got to take it in your stride right?

Wednesday afternoon soon arrived and my amazing parents picked us up from home and off we went to the airport. It’s such a weird feeling being the one leaving from an airport instead of wishing someone a safe flight. I was nervous to say the least but I was prepared! Picture a bag full of every kind of stress relief and sickness relief possible – ha. I was determined to not get sick and to stay calm! You know when you finally get yourself in the right head space; you are ready to do it and go explore a massive part of the world. You have said farewell to your parents… and then something
or someone in this crazy world just wants to make it harder or more complicated in making it happen? Yeah that happened to us, not once but a few times. 

To begin our plane was delayed – by an HOUR. Then they announced it would be even a half an hour longer then that so our leaving at 7:30pm plan soon turned into a fly out at 9pm. This was annoying but better to be safe then sorry – there were issue with the plane. On the bright side I was feeling ok, not to stressed. I didn’t have a headache and my tummy was holding it together. Even better we were sitting next to a lovely, friendly woman in her early thirties – Tina. 

We were now on our journey and it was now real – no turning back now! Twelve hours seems so long and I was dreading the length but as Tina sat beside me we began conversation. Before we knew it we had been talking on and off for a good couple hours. We had talked about work, life, wedding, babies and even exchanged numbers. That’s when I realised that I thought that I was going to enjoy travelling because of the people you meet along the way. 

To speed things up a bit this first flight was actually good. No sickness – only a little blah feeling from the yuck food smell. Slept for a good four hours, coped with turbulence way better then I ever thought I would and even got up and went to the bathroom, TWICE.
Arriving into LAX airport was the smoothest landing I have ever witnessed in a plane. As for the time we arrived though, not so great. Having to catch our next flight at 4pm it was not ideal that we landed at 2pm. Knowing we would have to race to our next flight, it was not ideal when we stepped outside into the hottest weather and now had to catch a bus with everyone else from our plane to get into the airport! Now picture this – we race into LAX airport and hit mass lines. Now I don’t mean like 50 people, I mean hundreds and the lines were massive and just kept going and going. Again to paint a picture in your head and to cut this post down a bit we stood in line and went slowly, very slowly. I asked 6 airport staff what we needed to do/go to catch our fast approaching flight. Only ONE person was helpful. Yes I had been pre-warned about this airport. I knew they would be rude but the fact that there were mass lines that were hardly moving and we were going to miss our flight was making our stress levels hit TEN.

Again, the best part of this two hour plus debacle was the people we met along the way. We had other kiwis from our plane lined up with us – no they weren’t in a rush like us but they were friendly, helpful and just genuinely made the situation feel a little this horrific. Clearly we missed our flight so once we finally got through customs and collected our bags we ran to find someone to re-book us on another flight. A little frazzled, flustered, tired and smelly we were not exactly impressed when we were told it would be a six hour wait until our next flight. 

I guess I should start talking about more positives – in some way it sounds worse then it was. Thankfully we dealt with some wonderful information center people who let us borrow the phone and we found this amazing dairy styled food place in the airport that sold hot food, amazing snacks, self-serve coffee and slurpees!! Sitting on the floor next to a wall socket we munched away and started to map out what the next days in NYC were going to entail for us. Below are some beautiful photos of us looking so amazing as you can tell – not!

At 11.40pm we caught our flight to New York after eating burger king for dinner. As we took off we saw the prettiest view from my window seat of the night lights of LA – this is what I love about being in the sky.

The plane ride wasn’t as great as the first and I was cold most of the flight which caused for not much sleep. Arriving into New York at 7.50am the sunrise I woke to was incredible out the plane window and even though I felt so incredibly tired I was grateful that we had finally made it safe and sound.

With no time for sleep it was onto our shuttle and straight into Manhattan to find our hotel, before racing to our first tour…