REVIEW: Hushh vs Shusher

White noise is clearly a parents best friend. I will admit we never used it regularly or on repeat from the beginning. We were lucky to say the least but now 10 months in I can say that it’s saved our butts at the best of times.

We have used three versions of white noise since having Mason but the two bought products have been the Shusher and Hushh machine. Recently after talking about the Shusher in my sleep post @thesleepstore messaged me asking if I would be willing to give the Hushh machine a go and compare the two.
The Shusher had been ok for us and was great at the beginning when we just needed it at the odd times to settle Mason off to sleep. After however many months though we realised it was time to use white noise continuously through Masons day naps and night sleep so we resorted to white noise on the laptop. This was fine but meant his room was always light with laptop light and using an old laptop meant the sound wasn’t as loud as we wished. Then the Hushh machine entered our parenting world and we haven’t looked back since. So here’s my reviews/comparison of the two machines including where you can purchase and prices.

Marpac Hushh White noise machine

Price: $80
Where to buy: The Sleep Store, Little Hugs Boutique, Sleepytot, Baby on the move

Functions: The Hushh machine works by using a rechargeable battery. Its portable so you can take it anywhere you go and it can run without having to be plugged in. I haven’t worked out how long it takes to charge yet but it has a light function where if its charging the light will flash. The light will turn off when full. To turn on the machine you simply hold down the on/off button and then there are two volume buttons for obviously louder or quieter options.
The last button is for changing to whatever white noise sound you wish. All very simple and easy to use.

Features: Its super portable and has a hook to easily clip onto your baby bag, side of the cot or wherever you choose.
As mentioned above it has different white noise options. Three in fact and the one I choose is a similar sound to the continuous noise you hear when you are in an aeroplane. The machine also never stops unless you turn it off yourself or it dies if it runs out of battery. It doesn’t have set times it runs for.

Pros: I really love it. Its so easy to use and I love that its simplistic. There’s no bright light which is a huge highlight for me as it never lights up the room. It’s got a decent volume range and I love that it can easily be charged without having to change any batteries at all. I definitely think it’s worth the money. We have taken ours with us in the car, hooked it onto the pram and use it in Masons room for his every sleep. Even when I have it running without being plugged in it has never died and his longest sleep is 2 hours in the day. At night I have had it running from 7pm til 11pm not plugged in and it’s lasted well.
I also love the sound on this machine, we can hear it going from Masons room when we are sitting in the lounge, it really does drown out the surrounding noises.

Cons: It randomly turns on sometimes out of no where. Other then that we haven’t found anything we dislike about it.

Baby Shusher


Price: $56
Where to buy: Baby city, The Sleep Store, Sleepytot, Baby factory

Functions: The Shusher works by twisting two different dials for both volume and length. The top dial for length of time and the bottom dial for volume. The Shusher works on batteries. Rechargable ones can be used but obviously once they run out you need to have ones ready to replace them with. This machine is very simple and just has the one white noise option.

Features: There is a string loop to allow the shusher to be hung from a hook if desired. The volume does go relatively loud but if comparing it to the Hushh a different kind of loud. This is due to the Shusher having the one white noise option which sounds like someone is shushing with short breaks in between each shush. With the two lengths of time it gives you the option to play the white noise for either 15 minutes or 30. Once the time is up it turns off by itself and doesn’t restart unless you turn the dial again.

Pros: Its portable and again a decent size. Its simple to use and great for short car rides or settling your baby into sleep. Before we started using white noise all the time we used the Shusher to just support Mason in settling and relaxing into sleep especially getting past that first 20 minutes of sleep.

Cons: I think it’s a bit pricey for what the machine does. It only has one white noise option and relies on batteries to keep it working. Having to ensure the batteries don’t die on you isn’t ideal but due to it only being used for max 30 minutes at a time the batteries should last a decent amount of time. We also found that it cut out a lot. We don’t know if we had a faulty machine but the sound would randomly just cut out at times which was rather frustrating.

So there you have it, white noise is one of a parents best friends and I highly recommend looking into it if you have a baby.
I have enjoyed using both machines and hope that my experiences with them support you in understanding them better.
There are so many various white noise options out there so its best to find one that suits your needs the most.