REVIEW: Woolbabe Sleeping bag

I'm all about keeping wee Mase warm but not to overloaded with blankets. We obviously swaddled from the beginning and then as we moved from that stage to the next we knew a sleeping bag was what we wished to try. Many rave about the Woolbabe sleeping bag and with a range of colours to choose from along with three different season choices it was something definitely worth trying! We of course fell in love and have now been using our Woolbabe during the cooler months so Autumn through to spring.

Woolbabe offers the sleeping bag in three different weights that suit summer and winter plus the seasons in between. We have bought one of each of them and think they are all great, every child is different though so we have definitely found the weight that works best for Mason and his body temperature.

Below I have broken down the Woolbabe sleeping bag into their three different weights.


Fabric: The duvet Woolbabe consists of - outlayer being made from 30% merino and 70% organic cotton blend. The filling is merino and 100% Australian wool and the lining is 100% organic cotton.

Sizing: It comes in three size options of either 3-24months, 2-4yrs or 3-6yrs.

Temperature: It is designed for the cooler months so suggests Autumn through to Spring. Again this is child based and you may find your child might need it on the cooler nights in Summer even. It can be used from approximately 14 to 22 degrees but again by varying the clothing your child is wearing alongside it.

Colours: The duvet style comes in three core colour options Pebble, Dusk and Tide. It also comes in a couple of limited edition colours too which are available currently.

Cost: $189 via

This bag is great for children that feel the cold. It's thick but still perfect for your child to be able to move around in and sleep how they please. It comes with the options of either a front zip or side zip. For us we have only used the front zip style and haven't had any issues! With Masons warm blooded body this kind of sleep bag has been to hot for him even on cooler winter nights. If we were to put him in it we would definitely keep the clothing he has on his body a cooler option and would not need to put a blanket over him at all. Again, the sleeping bag quality is beautiful and soft just like the Summer and 3-seasons ones.


Fabric: The summer Woolbabe is made from one layer of 30% super fine merino and 70% soft organic cotton blend.

Sizing: It comes in three size options of either 3-24months, 2-4yrs or 3-6yrs.

Temperature: As it is designed for the warmer months it can be used from about 24-32 degree room temperature, just by adjusting the clothing your child is wearing at the time.

Colours: It comes with two design options of either Pebble or Midnight stars.

Cost: $129 via

We have one of these bags and have found it great as we are even coming near the end of Summer. Mason is an extremely hot child, he gets it from his dad! So we realised him being in a sleeping bag in Summer wasn't even ideal for him unfortunately (he literally slept in a singlet and nappy majority of the time). We found this Woolbabe to be great regardless because it has allowed us to use it as Autumn began and then just adjusted his clothing or added the odd blanket when needed. The sleeping bag quality is so nice and the fabric is always soft and comfortable. The Summer bag having that light feeling to it. It also comes with the front zip design so your child can't easily escape out.\ 3-SEASONS

Fabric: The 3-seasons Woolbabe consists of 2 layers of 30% merino and 70% organic cotton blend

Sizing: It comes in three sizing options 3-24months, 2-4yrs and 3-6yrs.

Temperature: Ideal for 18 to 30 degrees by varying the clothes your child is wearing alongside it. Its a great all rounder sleep bag but especially ideal from Spring to Autumn and day sleeps all year round.

Colours: The 3-seasons comes in the three core colours of Pebble, Dusk and Tide. It also comes in limited edition colours as well which are currently available colour Kowhai included!

Cost: $159 via

This is by far our favourite sleep bag. We own the front zip pebble but it does come in a side zip option too. Mason has a timer heater on within his room the entire night that allows the room to not drop any lower then 18 degrees. He usually wears a wondersuit and then his 3-seasons and a blanket over top. He's snuggly the whole night and if the blanket comes off he is still really warm and snug in just the sleep bag. The Sleep Store do recommend using the sleep bag on it's own though so putting a blanket over top is purely a personal choice!


I would definitely recommend this brand to any parent. It's been a lifesaver in our house and it has eased our minds so much when it comes to Mason being warm but not overheated. In regards to price I love that The Sleep Store often have deals on the Woolbabes that allows you to get a couple for a good price or you can go in with friends to also get a good deal.\ The price definitely represents the quality. I don't mind spending a bit more on pieces like this that I know is made of good quality fabrics, that will last a long time and through no doubt a couple of children.

Other features include - The front zip Woolbabe can be used in your buggy with a 5-point harness. It has a double-ended zip on the front, a travel slot on the back of the bag and domes under the arms for use with smaller babies. The side zip Woolbabe can be used in your buggy with a 5-point harness also. It has a double-ended zip on the side, a travel slot in the front and back of the bag. There are 2 shoulder domes on each shoulder and domes under the arms for use with smaller babies.

When it comes to washing it is recommended to wash your Woolbabe on a gentle machine wash with liquid woolwash.\ Tumble drying on low is also possible but shrinking could occur is all. We have washed ours many times in the washing machine as well as used it within the drier and so far so good!

We can't wait to use our Woolbabe with all our children over the coming years and definitely are keen to purchase another 3-seasons soon!IG accounts: @woolbabe and @thesleepstore