As I have shared before my breastfeeding journey has been one I have loved. We all enter motherhood not knowing how this side of the journey is going to work, whether its going to be easy, challenging, not enjoyable at all. At the beginning it had a few challenges for me with over supply and mastitis but almost 11 months on I'm still able to provide for my little boy this way and I'm grateful.\ Being able to feed publicly in style, comfortably and even be able to still wear dresses during this chapter of my life was only possible thanks to some of the beautiful small businesses out there. Mrssmithclothing, Addison Clothing and Milkbar New Zealand are providing mothers, mothers to be and pregnant mothers with modern, stylish and comfortable clothing.\ I'm all for supporting businesses that are doing amazing things out there and especially businesses that I have bought from more then once and love.

I wanted to share with you more about these businesses and the various styles they have on offer including my favourites.

Breastfeeding access:

During the time I was pregnant I didn't purchase any specific maternity clothes. It was once I started my feeding journey that I knew I wanted to be able to feed comfortably and also continue to wear dresses which are one of my fav items in my wardrobe. With each of these businesses they all have slightly different feeding access within their garments.\ Having tried both zips and discrete flap styles I have found both great but I definitely have a preference for the easiness of the discrete flaps. The seemless zips that go straight across in both directions though are just as amazing and still relatively easy to open even with one hand. I never feel like I'm wearing different clothes to others within the world when I'm dressed in these garments and with the access being so discrete either people are amazed by the function or don't even notice that I'm feeding at times.

 Addison Top                                                                           Milkbar New Zealand - Indie tee in Navy

\ Mrssmithclothing striped breastfeeding tee, size XS


I think the biggest challenge of breastfeeding clothing is finding garments that aren't only comfortable but also stylish and make us mamas feel good. At the beginning when looking within shops I found it challenging to find anything attractive and that made you feel worthy of leaving the house. For basics yes quickly grabbing a singlet or very plain t-shirt from the maternity section in Kmart or Warehouse is fine but theres no way I felt comfortable leaving the house in that attire daily.\ All three of these businesses have amazing woman behind them designing beautiful, stylish and stand out clothing that allow us mamas to feel good and at ease when out in public with our wee babes. Stripes are my thing so I have purchased quite a few striped items as well as florals. I'm all for simplicity so my favourite styles are the ones where less is more so either full stripes or a bold colour with a floral feature are definitely my top picks.\ Addison clothing Lucia dress                                                             Milkbar New Zealand Indie dress in Navy\ Mrssmithclothing Petra floral and blush striped dress

Quality and Cost:

I have heard from some people that when it comes to maternity clothing they find it quite hard to justify paying that amount for one garment. At times I have had to hold back on buying garments that I would love due to cost also but what I can say is that these clothing items are definitely worth the cost. The quality is beautiful and made from comfortable, stretchy, long wearing material. The styles have been great for my body shape and if anything just a little big for me but I would rather that then feel uncomfortable from clothing being tight. Time and effort has obviously gone into making the breastfeeding access easy, discrete and effortless. Between all of the businesses prices roughly range from $25-$100.

\ Milkbar - polka face sweater Navy                                              Addison Top\ Mrssmithclothing Nina floral and blue dress

Mrs Smith clothing\\ Location: Auckland, New Zealand\ Instagram: @mrssmithclothing\ They sell: Breastfeeding singlets, dresses including singlet style, t-shirt, long sleeve. Tops including short sleeved and long. Pregnancy dresses and tops, capsule covers, jerseys that are breastfeeding friendly and more. 

Addison clothing\\ Location: Hamilton, New Zealand\ Instagram: @addison_clothing\ They sell: Skirts, tops including short sleeved and long, dresses including formal style, t-shirt, singlet and maternity plus more. 

Milkbar New Zealand\\ Location: Hamilton, New Zealand\ Instagram: @milkbarnewzealand\ They sell: Breastfeeding pjs, jerseys, tops including short sleeved and long sleeve, dresses including linen, t-shirt style and more. 

Thank you Claire, Hayley and Laura for making me feel beautiful throughout this year. You are all amazing.