We never showed you our hotel, here’s a little bit of it! Small but flash. King sized bed, amazing shower and right in the city.
As we were waiting for our Chicago show the other day a woman came by and passed us a pamphlet. It read that there would be a Broadway Flea Market happening on Sunday. So today being Sunday and knowing that we love broadway shows we thought we would head along to go check it out. Only a couple of streets down from our hotel we found the market at it filled two streets – the streets that many of the theatres were located.

There were auctions going on and many people squished around the tables that were filled with famous show posters, cast members old dance shows, many show programs and much more!

We spotted the theatre where Lion King was being performed and we really had wanted to attend this show to! Unfortunately we had to be sensible in regards to our costs and we were already attending two shows but there were so many we would have loved to have seen.
After exploring without any purchases we knew that the Hard Rock Cafe was close and it was there we headed for lunch! My bestie Stace had told us we had to go here to eat as her and her awesome husband (also our close friend) had gone on their trip overseas to Rome. As we walked in there was merchandise everywhere. It was then that we noticed stairs heading downstairs. As we headed down trying to find the cafe part we heard extremely loud music playing – like a concert! It was coming from these big closed doors but we could see flashing lights and in the hall way we were in there was famous rockers costumes, signed posters and a wall of many guitars! Spotting the cafe we booked a table and posed for a photo on the way in…

You can’t really go to Hard Rock Cafe without getting a big meal. My aim was actually to get something small as I hadn’t been feeling the best so Nath ordered a big meal and I decided to just get some light starters. Oh boy was I wrong though, along comes our meals and the chicken tenders I ordered were as big as a sausage and there were 7 of them! The flat bread pizza was big but thin and delicious. Nath’s shake was incredible though, I recommend going to this cafe 100% and if you go you must get the shake. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and I legitimately say it tasted like pure ice cream.
Just remember – tipping is expected in America! At cafe’s, restaurants and most shops they just automatically add a 15% tip onto your bill. It sounds rough but we actually didn’t find it as bad as we had initially expected it to be. Them automatically adding it on was a lot easier then having to tip in cash.

Next stop, H & M clothes shop. Two leveled building this time and many of them around. I really liked the clothes here, to me it seemed a mix of Glassons, Jay Jays and Dotti style. Going through the store I ended up getting a couple of items for myself and gifts for a few back home. When Nath got to the mens section he found lots he liked and chose a couple of awesome things too. It was now time to head off back to the hotel to get ready for Matilda though as this was the next broadway musical we were of too! 

Relaxing for a wee bit at the hotel and then getting ready for the show we again set off outside on foot and walked a couple streets down.

Review of Matilda the Musical:
The Matilda line was long (it seemed any tourist type attraction always involved a line – ha!) but we had our tickets ready and were in and seated before we knew it. Walking into the theatre the stage was filled with such a creative set – photos below! We never really knew where our flight centre agent had booked us seat wise but we knew we were pretty close – turns out we were the very front row. I will be honest sitting at the very front has never been appealing to me as your neck is arched the whole time, spit is spat at you by the actors on stage and you just can’t witness the whole environment. It wasn’t to bad though and it was definitely something cool to experience once. As soon as we sat down we began talking to this couple in there probably 50’s who were really friendly and just as surprised to be sitting so close. Turns out they were from Australia so lots of conversation was shared about NZ and Australia, our wedding and travelling. Again, another thing we really loved about this trip – the people we met. The show began and the actors were brilliant – really talented, funny and portrayed really well.The little girl playing Matilda was gorgeous and just so precious. Her voice sweet and you could tell she would have been making her family so proud. Miss Trunchbull came out and that was definitely a hoot and in some way terrifying – ha! I know if I was a child in that crowd I would have felt scared. That’s how amazing the man playing the role was. Obviously those of you who know the movie/book will know that Matilda is ‘magic’ and she makes the water fall over and the chalk write on the blackboard by using her eyes. Immediately we wondered how this would be done and achieved – live on stage. They did it, they did it incredibly and it all just looked so real. Was really blown away. As I haven’t read the book of Matilda at times I felt like I wasn’t getting some of the story line as I commonly know the movie. The set was so impressive with things popping up from here and there throughout and the cast was filled with some extremely talented young children. Overall a really cool show to experience!

Following the show we were now hungry for dinner. Choosing places to go in NY is just so hard as there are just so many to choose from! We decided on this little hidden Japanese restaurant close to our hotel though and it was definitely worth it. Unfortunately Nath was still feeling quite down and numb about our friend who had passed away especially having heard we were going to miss his funeral.
You can’t really finish off your night in NY without some kind of dessert so we decided to check out the ‘Sugar store’ we had spotted earlier. The store was filled with a range desserts and heaps of containers of various lollies you could choose from. I decided this is what I wanted to get and Nath chose a ‘smore’ hot chocolate. I was so tempted to buy a massive lollipop but luckily I controlled the temptation – ha!

Heading back home to relax and feast on our sugary treats we enjoyed the time just blobbing in bed and preparing for our last day in NYC tomorrow.