We never questioned whether we would find out the gender of baby sprout. Nath and I have always been planners and are known by our family and friends to be organised people. So many people ask you whether you will find out or if you know and both of us never hesitated when saying ‘definitely.’

The thought of a surprise at the birth would have been wonderful and I get why people do it and totally respect their choice. For us we wanted to still be surprised but just earlier on in the pregnancy so we chose our own personal reveal to share together and have it photographed. Before being able to find out the gender we hadn’t held back on hitting the shops and baby markets, adding things at a rapid pace into baby sprouts room. What I didn’t enjoy though was seeing these gorgeous girl items or particular patterns I liked and not knowing whether I could buy it or not. Now you can understand why finding out was that much more exciting for us and we just couldn’t wait to start buying and decorating more once the time arrived.

There are so many beautiful and exciting ways to do a reveal. So many people presumed we would do a cake but for us that wasn’t enough of a big impact. We knew that we would have a gender reveal afternoon tea with our close family and friends a couple of weeks after finding out but it meant a lot to us to have our own reveal together first. I would 100% recommend it to any expecting parents out there.

We decided on a popping a balloon filled with confetti above our head. When do you get any other opportunity to do something like this? Never. It had to be done.

Our beautiful friend Sam enjoys photography and has a natural talent with things like this so we asked her ever so nicely if she would snap those special photos for us.

On the exact day I became twenty weeks pregnant which was a Friday, Nath and I headed to the scan late that afternoon.
Walking in with a blank piece of paper and envelope I think it’s fair to say we both felt nervous and excited. We didn’t want to get spoiled as I lay there so we made sure the lady knew we wanted to keep it a surprise for now.

What a lot of people don’t realise is the twenty week scan is really important and is the time that not just the gender can be found out but when the baby is checked all over to see how they are developing. Knowing this definitely added to the nerves for me as I just crossed my fingers that our little one was healthy and happy.
Thankfully everything looked really good and baby sprout was growing happily inside.
We did ask the lady to tell us when to not look as she headed down to the lower end of the body. So there I lay and Nath sat holding my hand and leaning his head on me with our eyes shut until we were told to open them. To our delight the lady said she was pretty certain she knew the gender and wrote it down on that blank piece of paper.

Taking it to Sam’s we dropped it off and made plans for her to come over on the Sunday with a big black 1m balloon filled with the confetti of the gender colour. Blue for boy and pink for girl.
Sunday when she arrived with the balloon Nath and I had picked out our outfits and cleared a space for the photo to happen. We originally wanted to do it outside but hey you got to work with the weather unfortunately.

It took us a long time to pop that ballon, it sounds ridiculous. We were excited and nervous all at once. For Nath and I we both had discussed that as this was our first we weren’t overall worried about the gender baby sprout would be. We were just blessed we were pregnant. If we were to have a preference though my preference was a girl and Nath’s a boy.

We practiced throwing socks in the air to make sure we had the camera on the right setting and we moved furniture around to ensure we had the right angles and could capture the moment in full action.

Then the time came, with the needle in Nath’s hand and Sam ready to hit that button we were about to reveal the gender.
I can’t even remember hearing a bang, it happened in a flash. Blue confetti filled the room and I will never forget the look on Nath’s face. His eyes lit up and the smile could have been seen from space. All I could do was laugh with happiness and remember my cheeks hurting from doing so.
As confetti covered the floor, filled a pot plant and found its way down my boobs Nath pulled me in for a kiss.
We are having a BOY!
p.s – yes we did sit and play in the confetti for a good while afterwards.

Tips on achieving a reveal like this:

– Choose a professional photographer or someone you know who is talented with a camera. If they are someone you know make sure you feel comfortable with them. Not just comfortable with them being there when you share the moment but in regards to trusting they will hold in the news until you are ready to share.

– Go prepared to the scan knowing to advise the scanner that you don’t want to know right then and there. Also ask if they can tell you when to not look and then if they will write on your paper that you have come prepared with along with your envelope.
(Fold it up lots of times so you can’t see through!)

– Get the person photographing the reveal to organise the balloon for you if possible. Give them the envelope in plenty of time and organise payment with them. It was about $45 all up. Make sure they don’t show you the envelope until after the reveal too as it says the colour of the confetti on it.

– Be smart with your location to have the photo. If it’s windy or wet outside avoid it as the confetti may just blow the wrong way.
Choose a space thats not cluttered and that gives you plenty of area to work with.

– If you are using a friend to photograph try the sports setting on your camera if possible. It snaps multiple photos back to back and it helped us get the best reactions.

– Optional of course but choosing your clothes for the photo is something to consider also. Nathan and I thought about colour combinations especially knowing we wanted to frame one of these photos one day.