We documented our little boy growing inside us week by week. Being a first time mama I didn’t really begin to show until 15 weeks pregnant so that’s when we began snapping a photo each week. These are the non edited raw pregnancy snaps and we never got a chance to get one when I hit 40 weeks. Mason was born 40+2!
Fifteen Weeks

 Sixteen Weeks

Seventeen Weeks
 Eighteen Weeks
Nineteen Weeks
Twenty Weeks
Twenty-One Weeks
Twenty-Two Weeks
 Twenty-Three Weeks
Twenty-Four Weeks
Twenty-Five Weeks
Twenty-Six Weeks
Twenty-Seven Weeks
Twenty-Eight Weeks
Twenty-Nine Weeks
Thirty Weeks
Thirty-One Weeks
Thirty-Two Weeks
Thirty-Three Weeks
Thirty-Four Weeks
Thirty-Five Weeks
Thirty-Six Weeks
Thirty-Seven Weeks
Thirty-Eight Weeks
Thirty-Nine Weeks