With only seven weeks to go, the time had come to celebrate the soon arrival of our little boy.
Being a baby shower hosted for me we enjoyed the afternoon at Nathan and my house in Auckland. My sister Verity took on the organising of the invites and games, my sister n law Taylor made the cake and Nathan and my mums organised the food.
I did the decor myself, continuing on with the theme of foliage as I have a big love for it and our little boy has the nickname ‘Baby Sprout’!

Photos from the day as follows, acknowledging those involved and sources used.

A foliage wall made by me with help from a close family friend Colleen. I wanted to create a backdrop for photos but to keep in theme of our boys nickname and my love for simple, natural decor. After getting advice from another mama on Instagram – Caitlyn from thetwentysomethingmama I achieved this creation. Brown twine and wooden pegs from LookSharp, Painters tape from Bunnings and rose gold washy tape from Kmart. All foliage was gathered from my neighbourhood and Colleen’s garden.

I’m all about documenting those special occasions and photos are a big part of my journey through life. I really enjoyed having photos with all my special lady guests on the day. The boys came back just in time for a few snaps too!


As we celebrated with an afternoon tea we set up the table with a range of savoury and sweet snacks.
All the food was made by my Mum and my Mother in law. Lemon and banana was the flavour of the cake and it was vegan,  made by my sister in law Taylor. Her Instagram is – hintoftaylor if you wanna see her other beautiful cake creations.

Balloons from LookSharp, roses from a store in Pakuranga Plaza, cake board from the Warehouse and ice bucket from Kmart.

Two different styled punches were on offer, drink dispenser from Kmart and plastic wine glasses from LookSharp.
I have been documenting my bump journey week by week since I hit the fifteen week mark. I got the photos printed at Warehouse Stationary and displayed them with blutac.

You can’t have a baby shower without a few entertaining games. My sister Verity organised this part of the day.
We began with Guess Sigourney’s bump size! All you need is string and some scissors.

The next two games were – Baby name race and The price is right.
First pair to write down a boys name for every letter of the alphabet wins for the baby name race game.
The price is right involved the pairs to work out the price of a whole lot of items and come up with a set total cost!

The last game we played was ‘Guess who the baby is in the photo’ everyone brings a photo of themselves and everyone has to guess who’s which baby! Tip for playing this game is make sure the person running the games gets given the printed photos in secret so no one else sees them before they are all displayed.

There was also a space for people to leave a message for our little boy to read when he’s older. For this display I used brown twine from LookSharp, rose gold washy tape from Kmart, brown pegs from LookSharp, brown craft paper from Kmart and black fine Sharpie pens from Kmart.
On a clipboard people had the opportunity to write on a January or February calendar for next year of the date they thought baby sprout would arrive. They also had to guess what his weight would be! Funnily enough almost everyone thinks I am going to be early.

It was then time to open presents, the three of us were so blessed by all the lovely gifts that were given.

We cannot wait to meet our little boy and are so grateful for the love that was shown towards us on this special afternoon.
Baby sprout is going to be surrounded by some beautiful people and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Venue: Our house, Pakuranga, Auckland. 
Date: 9th December 2017
Photography by: Sigourney, Nathan, Verity and Sam
Cake: Taylor Coker
Games: Verity Coker
Food: Jannitta Coker and Hariata Chase
My dress: Jayjays